8 Pieces Fabric Color Tubes With 2 Paint Brushes And Palette


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8Pcs Fabric Color Tubes Set with 2 Paint Brushes & Palette. Features : Intense Colors That is Beautiful on Untreated Fabrics: Cottons; Synthetic Fabrics and Papers. When Applied Straight from the Tube the Color is Intense and Semi Opaque or Dilute with Water for More Subtle Tones or a Watercolor Effect. Colors Can Be Applied with Brushes; Sponges, Stamps and Fingers. Non-Toxic and Non-Leaded. 2 Brushes and 1 Palette with this Fabric Color Set. Quality Aluminum Tubes with screw caps to keep paints fresh. 8 Fabric Colors are rich and soft work well with any fabric surface. They are also applicable on natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, paper and wood, thermo col, earthenware, canvas. The ready-to-use colours come with quick dry feature to lay a permanent memory on minds. Fabrics remain soft post-application, they are intermixable and can be thinned with water. Textile fiber colour can be applied to hand-draw clothes, patterns and processing of textile fiber crafts. It has strong heat resistance and cohesiveness. It can be diluted with water used in painting

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