Derma Roller, for Hair and Skin


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  • A Visible Transformation – Don’t fret over wrinkles and large pores. Our press-loved derma roller promotes a luminous, youthfully vibrant and healthy-looking complexion.
  • Safe And Painless – No need to fear. Our derma roller microneedle length (0.5mm) requires firm yet gentle pressure to maximize usage and minimize discomfort.
  • Long-lasting Payoff – When used correctly and regularly skin therap 0.5mm derma roller will offer your skin to look most beautiful for as long as you use it
  • Affordable Quality – Professional microneedling sessions cost hundreds if not thousands of rupees (plus hours at the clinic). With consistent use of derma roller 0.5MM, you can get the same results for less than the price of a week’s worth of lattes.
  • Other Banefits: when it is used correctly and regularly it can help you to grow hair

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